Can’t really start a series if I’m not going to post regularly. Friday is here, so here goes:

Disneyland - Dapper Day - One of our April weekends in Disneyland happened to be during Dapper Day. I’d only seen pictures before, and so I wasn’t quite sure of the magnitude of the dapperness. Our friends happened to also be at the park for the weekend, so we met up with them. We were the least dapper of the bunch, but it was still fun.

Dapper Day at Disneyland
Boring us, compared to their Disneybound of Winnie the Pooh & Eeyore and the Auctioneer & Redhead from Pirate of the Caribbean Ride - so clever!

Disneyland - Trader Sam’s - It’s officially part of the Disneyland Hotel, and we finally made it there! Super fun, and we even made some new friends at the bar. There was a little bit of a mishap when it came to closing out our tab though, so we’ll see if our return visit this weekend will remedy the situation.

Trader Sam's at Disneyland
Excuse the blurry photo inside Trader Sam’s

Forward - This week, Ryan and I learned about and signed up for a new health provider called Forward. Those Facebook ads got me! We ended up scheduling some time to check out their San Francisco office today. Their other location is in Los Angeles. The basic concept is that it’s a high tech primary care physician with an emphasis on preventative care for a monthly fee that is not covered through insurance. What’s included: 24/7 access, onsite blood testing, generic medicines, travel vaccines, to name a few things.

Since my company generously covers health insurance, this added cost is the only real cost of healthcare. We will keep health insurance for specialty visits and anything not covered by Forward. We determined that we wanted to really focus on health and wellness this year, so this seems to be in line with what we have been working on. I’ll keep you posted on how this goes!

Allergies - Healthwise, I’m feeling great, but my allergies have not taken mercy on me. They are attacking me full force this year. The Zyrtec I normally take doesn’t seem to be working, so I might have to switch it up.

Handlettering - I attended a handlettering workshop sponsored by Brit + Co and Mixbook this week. So much fun! It has re-inspired me to practice again. With practice, it actually doesn’t look terrible.

Handlettering Workshop
Brit + Co & Mixbook Handlettering Workshop

And thank you so much to those of you who are still sticking by me to see what I’ve been up to!