Saturday Swig Champagne and sparkles are synonymous with New Year’s Eve celebrations. This week’s Saturday Swig is all about our New Year’s bubbly! More specifically, what went into our bubbly - Wild Hibiscus in Syrup!

For the holidays, we were gifted with two jars of Wild Hibiscus in Syrup - one in plain syrup and the other in rose syrup. What a brilliant gift idea, by the way! They are as their name describes - Wild Hibiscus flowers in syrup. All you have to do is put a flower in your glass and add a little syrup for flavoring if you want to. That’s it! The flowers are edible, and based on the two that I’ve had, they’re quite tasty.

Wild Hibiscus Instead of consuming both jars of flowers on our own, we shared them with friends at their New Year’s Eve party. The flowers were a hit and a great way to add some fun to our flutes.

Plus, they made for a great photo (photo credit: our awesome friend, Josh)!

I am definitely considering ordering these for future parties because I like them that much. In case you’re looking for these Wild Hibiscus flowers, you can find them on Amazon.

We spent the last few hours of 2012 mingling, eating and drinking. Some of our friends had left the party to do their own thing for a bit, but they returned at around 11:55 - just in time for the countdown! We grabbed our glasses, ran up to the rooftop, and watched the fireworks across the city as the clock struck midnight. And that was how we wrapped up 2012 and rang in 2013!

How did you say goodbye to 2012 and hello to 2013?