Hi, we are Tinna (one 'n' is silent) and Ryan, and this is our about page!

We live with our two animals in San Francisco in our "starter home," which in San Francisco prices is more like one's forever home.

This is Tinna

She signs her name as “Suki” all over the interwebs, including Twitter. By day, she is a number cruncher and master of Excel, working for a social enterprise based in San Francisco. The rest of the time, she's dreaming about her next travel destination or small house project.

Spends most weekends and any time off: volunteering, learning, sipping tasty beverages, getting outdoors, eating around the world and documenting travels and other adventures.

Once upon a time, she had major jaw surgery. That journey’s documented on this blog as well!

This is Ryan

"Not Brian!" He is his family's go-to IT support guy because of his affinity for computers since an early age. By day, he is a software engineer with a "design technologist" job title (whatever that means). The rest of the time, he's in front of the computer a lot too.

Spends most weekends and any time off: all of the above that Tinna lures him away from the computer with, building a VR game, fishing, reading up on all things WWII and hanging out with the pup.

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