December is coming to an end, and I haven’t written up about our crab festivities for the year! Ryan and I love Dungeness crab season and enjoy sharing that with our friends.

Over the course of four evenings this year, over fifty crabs were either served freshly steamed or in some type of crabby dish. It isn’t a crabby party without a menu highlighting the star of the show, so Ryan threw one together.

A few ingredients were changed over the course of four nights, so that’s why there are some manual edits.

Since we used only live crabs, that meant taking the meat out of a LOT of crabs the night before each party. We wanted to make sure all of our dishes were full of crabby goodness. There’s no canned crab meat in this kitchen! I think Ryan’s rate is three crabs in an hour.

Crabsgiving Menu Crabsgiving Crabsgiving

Of the dishes we made, I think our favorite is the crab cakes. I will be posting the recipe in the new year. Coming in as a close second, I’d say the crab rangoon, but those required more time to make. When I started hearing Trader Joe’s commercial about their frozen crab rangoon, my heart sank. All that work for nothing! I haven’t tried theirs yet, but I still think homemade is the way to go.


Goodbye 2011!

Hello 2012!