Loving that I took care of my taxes early on, so Wednesday was no big deal. It can be a stressful time of year for people because 1) they’re doing something with a deadline and 2) it might mean having to PAY taxes.

Loathing is such a strong word. Nothing bugs me to that degree these days. Instead, here is a photo of me with a spread of desserts at a friend’s birthday party!

Currently - desserts

Watching Band of Brothers. Ryan’s a World War II history buff, and while we are in Belgium, we plan on going to The Ardennes, specifically Bastogne. I may have mentioned this in my last Currently post. The plan is to hire a guide to take us to the various sights. We found a gentleman who grew up in the area, speaks English and charges a reasonable rate for a full-day guide. While Ryan is re-watching the mini series, I am watching it for the first time. It’s quite engaging, and I actually find myself connecting with the characters. Usually war movies aren’t my jam.

Have you seen Band of Brothers?

Feeling sore, but content. On Sunday, through ClassPass, I took an Intro to Parkour class at Athletic Playground in the East Bay. Since I’m not familiar with parkour and how to move optimally, I worked out and probably overworked muscles I didn’t even realize I had.

Planning on having a blast this weekend with Trail Mavens. We’re kayaking to camp, which means my shoulders and arms had better recover! I’ve been on a few Trail Mavens trips in the past year, but if you haven’t heard of it yet, it’s this awesome outdoor adventure company for women. The trips are generally based in California, but women from all over participate. Its purpose is to empower women with skills and opportunities to adventure in the great outdoors.

Currently - Trail Mavens Hiking with my Trail Mavens buddies

Working on learning Javascript. I tackled the HTML and CSS modules on Codeacademy and am slowly getting through the Javascript one. I mentioned in my last Currently post that I had a few career development ideas brewing, and coding was one of them. Rather than let it stew for longer, I started taking action.

Wishing for excellent weather in Belgium next week! The lows are in the upper 40s, but temperatures do reach low 70 at one point.

Looking forward to Belgium, obviously! Also, Ryan and I going to the Marina and the Diamonds show tonight. I don’t go to many shows, but I didn’t want to miss while she was in town. WOO!

Currently - Fresca Fresca watching the sun set

What are you currently up to?