Currently - Fresca Loving that I finally gave in and let Fresca sleep in our bedroom. I was adamant about keeping the animals out of the bedroom overnight. While it might have been her puppy phase, she would wake us up early in the morning to get into the same room as us. We lost precious hours of sleep for months. Now she lays there quietly until we are ready to wake up. Hooray for sleep!

Loathing how little I used of my ClassPass this month. Yes, I keep track of how much of the pass I use each month, and going to Belgium threw off my rhythm. On a positive note, I took advantage of a sign up bonus and one of my months was free, so I didn’t waste any actual dollars.

Watching Chef’s Table on Netflix, and I am officially obsessed. I’m 2/3 of the way into the first season with just two more episodes to go. I’m hoping there will be more because I love going into the lives of these world renowned chefs, learning about their struggles and all they’ve overcome to get where they are today. Also, I want to eat at all of these restaurants. Niki Nakayama’s n/naka is at the top of my list, and I’ve hinted in the most blunt way possible [aka not a hint at all] to Ryan that I’d love to go there during my birthday month. He’s got his work cut out for him!

Feeling lucky and incredibly grateful for all the good things in life.

Currently - Piles of Cheese Good things, like piles of cheese

Planning another international trip in the fall. We have our eyes set on Mexico City for Dia de Los Muertos. Super excited. Suggestions and recommendations welcome!

Working hard and getting bills paid.

Wishing for cleaning fairies! We’re having some guests over this weekend, so we have to make it presentable. We worked on it a bit over the weekend and have a few more evenings to make progress. Just because I can live in my sty doesn’t mean my guests should! I know there are San Francisco based house cleaning services out there, but I’m the type who wants to clean before cleaners even get involved. Crazy, right?

Looking forward to IFBC [short for “International Food Bloggers Conference”] this year! After perusing the list of attendees, I decided last week that I wanted to head up to Seattle for the weekend. I will be rooming with a long-time blogger friend, Mary of Fervent Foodie!

What are you currently up to?

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