Loving friendships forged through blogging. I was recently invited to attend the media preview of Pinot’s Palette in Alameda. It takes the painting and drinking wine concept a step further by hosting these events in an established location with featured wineries rotating in.

Since it was in her neck of the woods, I invited Lori of Fake Food Free to attend as my guest. Sadly, it won’t be her neighborhood for much longer, so we took the opportunity of wining and painting to hang out before her move.

Loathing all the bad news out there. Just this morning - there were reports of a second bombing in Bangkok within 24 hours. That’s only the tip of the iceberg though.

Watching my Pets budget this month! Fresca’s pet insurance is due at the end of the month, and in order to take advantage of a small discount, I have to make the payment all at once. While I’m grateful she hasn’t gotten into too much trouble this past year, having the insurance puts my mind at ease even further should anything happen. We didn’t get any insurance for Sergio since he’s almost 10 years old, but we did put in a cat door for him recently.

Feeling exhausted, but happy from the past weekend. Ryan and I went to the Taylor Swift concert on Friday, then hopped onto a plane on Saturday morning for Southern California for his cousin’s wedding. We, of course, along with his brothers helped close the party down by dancing until the very end. On Sunday, we took our flight back to the Bay Area, only to be stuck on the plane for an extra hour because there was a fire alarm going off in our terminal.

When we finally got off the plane, I had to hightail it down to the Palace of Fine Arts because I’d gathered a group of friends together for an escape room experience with Palace Games. More on that in another post!

Working on a plan to start coding again. It fell to the backburner for a bit, but I’m ramping back up again.

Wishing for more hours in a day. Instead, I should learn to make the most of the same set of hours everyone has. :)

Looking forward to a weekend in Bodie, a ghost town east of the Sierras. It’s been on my list to visit for some time. Several evenings in the year, the state historic park is open to the public, so we planned our trip to coincide with one of those evenings. So excited!

What are you currently up to?