Saturday Swig An evening of dancing it up in the Fairmont’s Swig Suite in fancy gowns marked the 83rd Annual Ball for the Spinsters of San Francisco this past weekend. The theme this year - Through the Looking Glass. Annual Ball is the one night in the year where I put on my fancy pants and get my hair and nails done, so that I can hang out where President John F. Kennedy, Prince Charles, Mikhail Gorbachev, Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands and King Hussein of Jordan [just to name a few!] have stayed.

Fairmont SF - Swig Suite Fairmont SF - Swig Suite

The decor of the Swig Suite is absolutely gorgeous, and the view is stunning! We were lucky enough to have perfect weather for the evening, and I was reminded all night of how much I love this city.

Fairmont SF - Swig Suite

This week’s Saturday Swig are these incredibly cute party favors - bottles of absinthe with little hand-stamped “Drink Me” tags.

Annual Ball favors Annual Ball

So very Alice in Wonderland! Actually all of the party decor fit the theme.

Annual Ball - Eat Me

Annual Ball decor

Though I might have posed with these absinthe bottles, I didn’t take a sip as the tags instructed. It would’ve been dangerous! Instead, I took a few bottles home because someone had mentioned to me about making ice cream. Perhaps this recipe from David Lebovitz?

Have you tried absinthe before?