Hi friends, it’s been a minute! I felt inspired to give a little life update, so at least in the future, if I am the only one reading my blog, I will be reminded of what life was like at this time. Like most other Californians, Ryan and I have been sheltering in place for the past two months. We are both grateful to be employed at this time while many others do not have the same fortunate circumstances. It took about a week or two for us to figure out the ideal setup for our desks. We can still hear each other on calls, but for the most part, the other people on the line cannot.

We have a bit of a routine now where I yell across the room to let him know what my day looks like, so that we can stop for meals. I am finding myself waking up earlier and working longer hours. Part of it is the new role I’ve taken, but the other part is likely self-imposed. The workload doesn’t seem to have gone down since this whole thing began, so if I don’t do something today, future me will need to get to it.

I have taken a day off here or there for self-care, so that I don’t get burnt out. Those days have been spent loafing on the couch, rather than anything “productive.”

Our main outside time is when we take the pup out. Usually, it’s just Ryan and Fresca, but I try to join in here and there. On these walks, I’m usually on the lookout for bears and other characters in the neighborhood windows.

Quarantine Bears

Our other time outside of the house is for the occasional errand. We have been buying a produce box that supports the local farmers market and its farmers. With restaurants all over the bay operating at a much lower capacity (or even not at all), these boxes help bring fresh produce directly to consumers. Once a week, I volunteer to help pack it, and after my shift, I take one home. If you’re in or near San Francisco, check out: CUESA Farmers Market Box.

This weekend was a pretty full weekend in quarantine.

I did my farmers market shift on Saturday, plotted with the sister about our Mother’s Day surprise and hopped on a Zoom with the Bay Area FIRE (financial independent, retire early) community. I don’t consider myself a full-fledged member, but I try to aim for that sort of lifestyle. Online shopping sprees, which definitely happened this weekend, don’t help towards that at all. Today we ran some errands in the morning, swung by the parents’ house to see/surprise my mom from afar, made a little stop motion video (SO PROUD OF THIS since it’s my first ever!) and then hopped on Zoom with Ryan’s mom when we got home.

flowers for mom flowers for mom Before and after!

SUCH a FULL WEEKEND. I am exhausted. I’ve been reading up on Human Design lately, and ending the day exhausted is mostly a good thing. Gotta use up all my Generator energy. The new work week is about to begin, so time to rest up and recharge!

How are you during this time? What is your new normal like?