Saturday Swig - Ever in Transit Saturday Swig - Ever in Transit This week’s Saturday Swig isn’t one that you can find in stores! Ryan and I visited Cassie and Kevin of Ever in Transit today! We met the duo at TBEX in Colorado and really clicked. If you check out their site, you’ll know why. They love so many of the same things we do - food, travel, drink. Not to mention, they also have cat and dog companions!

So this weekend, we finally followed through on our declaration of “We should hang out some time!” After a delicious lunch in the warm South Bay sun, we enjoyed vanilla ice cream floats using a stout that Kevin had brewed.

Prior to the stout, Kevin had taken a break with his beer brewing for quite some time. While taking inventory of his old beer-making supplies, he found the leftover ingredients to the stout. Figuring that he’d be a bit rusty, he used the old ingredients in case something messed up. As it turns out, leftover ingredients didn’t matter. The beer turned out great, especially for pairing with ice cream. It was thick with sweeter chocolatey finish.

Beer and ice cream - if you’d asked me about this combination long ago, I probably would have made a face. Now, especially on a hot day? Perfection.