Somehow a Friday passed by without so much of a peep from me. It was busy at work, and I didn’t feel much like sitting in front of the computer after hours. Ryan was out of town one week for work, but it also happened to be a more socially-involved week.

Big Bang: Party After Dark - Each year, we pick a museum or two to join as members, and this year was the California Academy of Sciences. One of the perks of joining The Hive, their donor group in the 20s and 30s age range, are tickets to their big fundraiser. Since Ryan was out of town, the sister came with, and we had a blast. When we were both living at home after college, we would go out together. That was our social life, so this was us reliving our sisters’ nights out! We ate, drank, and wandered about the museum. Fun times!

Cal Academy Big Bang Party
Just being goofballs in the photobooth

Taylor Swift - Because I volunteered what my company considered to be a large number of hours last year, they rewarded me with a pair of tickets to Taylor Swift’s Friday night show. Ryan was still on his way back from a work trip, so my friend Mackenzie came along instead.

We had a great time, and I was definitely singing along at the top of my lungs. She puts on a good show. Last time Ryan and I went to see her, we were up in the nosebleeds. This time, the tickets were on the floor level and best of all, FREE!

Taylor Swift
Great seats, except for the really tall person in front of me

Mother’s Day - After not-so-subtle hints from mom a few months back (aka “You haven’t taken us up to wine country in a LOOOONG time”), we went up to Sonoma County for wine tasting on Mother’s Day. It was surprisingly quiet up there, but we tend to also pick quieter spots. We started the day at Diavola, one of my favorite places to eat up in Geyserville. Thankfully it was mother-approved; she tends to be picky about these sorts of things. Then it was two winery stops - DeLorimier and Soda Rock. It felt like a pretty low-key family day, which was really nice.

Can’t believe we’re in the latter half of the month already!

How did you spend your last few weekends? Do you have Memorial Day weekend plans?