It’s been six months since my last Friday Freestyle post. What’s on my mind these days?

How We Meet People - Hung out with a friend of mine tonight, and during our time out, how she and I met came up, and it’s an odd little story. In 2014, she had interviewed me over the phone. Even though I hadn’t gotten the job, we kept in touch over mutual interests (mostly not job-related). Not too long after, she left that company and started her own business. We’ve kept in touch since then. Hard to believe four years have gone by, and we have only hung out in person less than a handful of times. Funny how that works out!

onedome - The Unreal Garden onedome - The Unreal Garden Checked out The Unreal Garden based on my friend’s recommendation

Belize - We leave in 1.5 weeks! I am so not ready. We still have to finish our online courses, get wetsuits, and then of course, figure out how/what to pack. We have our accommodations and transportation reserved, but the activities are up in the air. I do have a guidebook, so we can wing the rest of the trip.

California Wildfires - The San Francisco Bay Area has been sitting in smoke since yesterday. California is on fire. A friend whose family lives up near the Camp Fire has been giving me updates on how her family is doing. Thankfully, they were able to evacuate when necessary. As the wildfires rage on, there are many who are suffering from the devastation. Here’s an article on how to help from Refinery29.

Blogging Topics - Daily writing is tough. We’re trying to think of things to post about during our trip. We will be gone for 10 days, which is a LOT… Ugh.

Sore Hamstrings - Our workout this week was on Wednesday, but I am still feeling sore hammies. It seems like they’re sore after every workout. Will they ever adjust and not hurt? Maybe not!

What’s on your mind these days?