Bay Bridge

Starting goal tracking almost halfway through the year - why not, right? I’m doing this as part of Feel Good, Dress Better’s monthly goals link up that I saw on Greatest Escapist.

1. Get rid of stuff every week.
At first, I wanted to take inventory of all the items I owned, so that I could then mark off how much of it I was throwing out. Taking inventory or the thought of having to take inventory of everything was overwhelming and slowing me down. Now we’re just going through sections of the house and tackling them as we go. Ryan’s on board, so it definitely helps. Last night, we worked on the pantry shelves we keep our booze and the drinkware cupboard.

2. Blog at least once every week.
I’m here, aren’t I? The goal is to try to make it last!

3. Read 3 books.
It doesn’t seem like much, but considering I don’t read regularly anymore, I’m going to start small. Three at a time. The ones in my current queue are: Decluttering at the Speed of Life, All the Way to Italy, Sign My Name to Freedom: A Memoir of a Pioneering Life. I have a few others on my Kindle, but I’ll only get to them if I’m diligent enough to get through these three first.

4. Daily handlettering.
I recently downloaded the Brush Lettering Practice Guide (referral link), so I’m planning on getting it printed and worked on this month. What I like most about this set of printables is that there’s an entire section on connecting letters. One of the hardest parts about handlettering for me is putting all the letters together, so super helpful.

5. Estate planning - setting up a will or trust
This is our big #adulting goal for the month. I know it’s not the most cheerful subject to discuss, but it’s one that has to happen if we don’t want to burden our beneficiaries with dealing with probate proceedings. I made an appointment with a lawyer this month, so we should reach this goal without any problems (unless her services are more expensive than anticipated).

To prepare for our meeting, Ryan and I will have to sit down and talk about everything we want to accomplish in our meeting with the lawyer, what we consider to be our assets, and what we want to happen to them if an unexpected or unfortunate event were to happen to either or both of us.

One of many questions we’ll have to discuss is what happens to our animals.

What are your goals for May? Have you talked to your loved ones about estate planning?