A few days ago, I received a reminder about my website registration. Did I want to renew or let it go? Honestly, I was tempted to let that reminder go by and then poof - that would be the end of the many years I put into this website. Of course I ran it by Ryan, and he talked some sense (maybe?) into me. For about $15 a year, I could keep this domain.

And with that twentiesh dollars, the internet is stuck with Super Duper Fantastic for a little longer. Here I am, pondering the reasons I have not posted any updates in awhile. I’ll admit that it is less effort to open up Instagram and post a quick story or grab a photo and write a vague caption for the world to see. With blogging, I’ve complicated my systems enough that the task is daunting.

Do I have enough content for a succinct post?

Is there a beginning, middle and end?

Will free-flowing be sufficient?

What do I want to write about?

Do I have a photo or a thumbnail to go with it?

When will I have the time to create the file, upload it, and make sure it looks the way I want it to?

Do people even read these anymore?

Am I writing for me or for someone else?

All TBD - seriously.