Loving that it’s officially spring and that the days are only getting longer.

Loathing procrastination. Unfortunately, I’m quite good at it.

Watching more Gilmore Girls - I’m still on season one after all this time!

Feeling refreshed. Ryan and I took some time off work earlier this week to get away. With Fresca in the backseat, we drove down to the super dog-friendly Carmel. We went to the beach, drank wine, and took it easy.

Currently Currently

Planning our upcoming trip to Belgium. I’ve finally booked all of our accommodations for the trip, so we have a general idea of what areas we will be in. The plan is to start off the 2-week trip in Brussels, Ghent and Bruges. The second half of the trip, we will drive all over, including a day with a guide in Bastogne (significance during WWII).


Working on a life audit. After reading this post, I’ve been inspired to take on this task myself. It resembles the 101 in 1001 lists I used to do.

Wishing for clarity. The reason I did the life audit was to do a bit of self spring cleaning. After attending the 2015 Women in Leadership conference recently, my desire for growth and career development has been reignited.

I have a few ideas brewing in the back of my mind. I’m hoping that I’ll be able to save up enough money, as well as prepare myself for being at the bottom of a huge learning curve.

Looking forward to weekend wine tasting. The winery we are a member of is offering a Riedel tasting workshop. We bought tickets for Ryan’s mom and his boyfriend as a Christmas gift, and it’s finally happening this weekend. I’m always excited for wine tasting and learning!

What are you currently up to?