When a coworker heard that we were heading to Iceland, she immediately recommended Fish MRKT (fiskmarkadurinn) if we happened to be in Reyjkavik. With the hectic schedule of our roadtrip around the country, the only time that worked for us was our very first night in Iceland. Surprisingly, it was no problem getting a reservation.

Our flight arrived mid-day, and after we picked up our rental car, we made our way into town. Since it was an overnight flight and we were supposed to have rested on the plane, our main goal for the day was to stay awake. Proof that our bodies aren’t as up for the task of staying awake like our younger selves - we gave in and napped in the car while we waited for it to charge up in the afternoon. Once refreshed, we grabbed some drinks, met an online friend at her art show, and then headed to dinner.

At Fish MRKT, we ordered the tasting menu (~$100/pp), which offered quite a variety of dishes for two to try. Had we ordered a la carte, there definitely would have been some I wouldn’t have thought to order. We were pretty stuffed by the time our last few dishes came out, and there were three desserts too!

fiskmarkadurinn Seared Arctic Char

fiskmarkadurinn Robata grilled minke whale

fiskmarkadurinn Lumpfish roe

fiskmarkadurinn Rock shrimp tempura

fiskmarkadurinn Volcano maki and scallop nigiri

fiskmarkadurinn Rack of plaice

fiskmarkadurinn Mussels in langostine broth

fiskmarkadurinn Lamb shank marinated with truffle

fiskmarkadurinn Desserts