Welcome to Wyoming

I’m in Jackson, Wyoming.

The drive from Idaho Falls (“IF” according to the locals) was actually not bad - a quick 2-3 hours on a somewhat scenic road. I had a minor delay at a gas station on the way - couldn’t quite figure out how to open the gas cap. Put aside my shy side and went to ask the station attendant. Talk about embarrassing. Freakin’ rental cars! It’s an SUV to boot. I’m accustomed to handling small cars, not huge SUVs. But hey, free upgrades are always welcome. I think they were out of intermediates.

Now why am I in Jackson?

I didn’t want to go home for the weekend, and there isn’t much to do in IF, so I did a quick search to see what was nearby, and voila - the Jackson Hole area came up! I’m currently staying with K, a gal I met via Couchsurfing [Yes, I’m crazy like that]. Pretty lucky with the whole experience so far. K’s very cool, and so are her friends. I’m having a blast! Went to a local hockey game last night with them, and then we headed over to the brewpub where a few of them work for some drinks afterwards. A most excellent time.

I tried to drive to Yellowstone National Park, but it’s supposed to be closed until a week or two into May. Slightly bummed out about that. No Old Faithful this time around. But on the drive up and down, I spent a bit of time in Grand Teton National Park, stopping for photos along the road.

Grand Tetons Wyoming

Also, it’s gorgeous up here.