Since we were heading north via Kamehameha Highway, we made a stop at the Dole Plantation for pineapple soft serve and silly cardboard cut-out photo ops.

Dole Plantation Dole Plantation

Dole Plantation Dole Plantation

We also enjoyed our stroll through the pineapple exhibit. It was definitely not as maintained as the pineapple garden maze that we didn’t want to pay for, but it still gave me a few lovely photos of different pineapple species.

The koi pond/pool behind the display of pineapples freaked me out a little bit.

Not only were there a LOT of fish, they were also HUGE and RAVENOUS.

You could put in a quarter or two for food to feed the fish, but I was more afraid that they’d get too wild and jump out of the water. They don’t mess around. They’ve all got their eating faces on!

We left the fish frenzy and continued our drive towards Haleiwa. Stay tuned for the rest of our Sunday adventure, which includes a taro festival and shrimp trucks! Here’s the route we took that day: