Loving life and how I’ve been spending my days lately. There’s a sweet blend of indoor, outdoor, alone, and social time. Some weeks seem crazier than others, while others I’m just cooped up at home, doing my thing.

This is my life in the mid-30s.

I celebrated a birthday recently, and I feel incredibly lucky to have great people in my life. Some of them went out to a local bar on a Tuesday night to hang out with me and everyone else I know. Thankfully, over the years, I’ve managed to host birthday parties at bars without waking up the next morning wrecked. I drank plenty but didn’t overdo it. phew

Loathing everything that is wrong with the world. Inequality. The fact that human trafficking exists even now. The increasing disparity between the classes in San Francisco. The rising costs of healthcare. The list is longer than that, but still there is hope for change. For the issues that I cannot personally affect change, there’s always supporting the organizations and individuals who dedicate themselves and their work to it.

A few days ago, thanks to The Human Rights Foundation and Spark, I had the opportunity to meet Yeonmi Park, the woman who escaped from North Korea and is now telling her story to the world. Her book “In Order to Live” came out recently and gives a glimpse of her life and the lives of many living in North Korea.

Feeling motivated. I’ve started coding! First, I went to a Ruby on Rails workshop. It was only a few hours for two evenings, but it gave me a taste of what coding might be like. Now, I’m working through the modules of Free Code Camp. In February, I am heading to Bali (!!!) with Institute of Code to learn how to make responsive websites. I am hoping to offset the program costs by finding business and charity sponsors who would want me to help them make a website during the program. I am also trying to convince a few friends to come along to learn too!


Watching my spending, especially if this coding thing sticks!

Working and trying hard to save.

Wishing for more discipline on completing projects that I start!

Looking forward to our upcoming trip to Mexico City. Hurricane Patricia is about to hit the coast of Mexico, and even though they’ve called it the “strongest hurricane ever recorded,” I am hoping that the damage won’t be so terrible. Evacuation has already started, but I will be on the lookout for relief efforts once they begin.

What are you currently up to?